Say Earth

Our Story

Say Earth is a team of Environmentally conscious youth who have embarked on a journey of transformation. Although they belong to different backgrounds, Say Earth’s team is united in their motivation by a strong desire to check the rapid change of a liveable natural landscape to one dominated by concrete and other by-products that have grown to symbolize human progress and development, often devoid of any hint of life! 

Led by young Environmentalist, Mr. Ramveer Tanwar, the team inspired by the Principles of Sustainability and Co-existence, strongly believes in nature’s authority, and has faith in its self-healing properties. Determined to play the role of facilitator in the quest to restore ecosystems that are degraded due to anthropogenic destruction, the organization constantly endeavors to rejuvenate ponds and create forest ecosystems that have been perilously impacted by urbanization and industrialization. To date, we have restored more than 60 ponds to their former glory and created 4 urban forests. 

Beginning of the Journey

Say Earth is a non-governmental organization working for the restoration and rejuvenation of ponds & the afforestation of urban and rural landscapes. Constituted in the year 2020 by the “Pondman of India”, Mr. Ramveer Tanwar, the organization has come a long way in the field of conservation of natural ecosystems and has been able to restore more than 80 waterbodies and plant 6 forests, especially in the urban landscape. 

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Guiding principles

Say Earth’s ideology is rooted deeply and is guided by its Aim, Mission, and Vision which are at the essence of our work and act as a beacon of light for all endeavours of the organization.


SayEarth’s mission is to restore natural ecosystems as sustainable solutions for larger environmental problems, simultaneously empowering and sensitizing stakeholder communities for their future conservation and maintenance.




Say Earth’s vision is of a world with healthy ecosystems and empowered communities co-existing in a harmonious relationship with each other while sustainably providing for each other.



To facilitate the restoration of degraded natural ecosystems like Ponds and Urban forests to create a healthy and sustainable environment, pivotal for the sustenance of life-preserving processes of planet earth.

Team Members

Ramveer Tanwar is a known Environmentalist and TEDx speaker. Founder of Say Earth NGO, he has contributed to the restoration and rejuvenation of more than 60 ponds and lakes across India.

Ramveer Tamwar


Santosh Kashyap is a seasoned professional who has adeptly managed projects funded by esteemed global entities such as the World Bank, IFAD, DFID, UNDP, USAID, JICA, and JSI.

Santosh Kashyap

Team Lead:Project

Nehha Sharma is a researcher with a decade-long experience in conducting social and environmental research studies.

Nehha Sharma

Technical Lead: Environment

Sangam Mohit is a post-graduate in social work from CCS university, Meerut. He has worked with several development organizations and has done Sangam Mohit is a post-graduate in social work from CCS university, Meerut. He has worked with several development organizations and has done

Sangam Mohit

Head: Community Mobilization

Bhim Singh, a graduate from MD University with over 5 years of experience, initiated his career by volunteering for WHO's KMC projects. Advancing through roles at esteemed MNCs such as Andritz Hydro and Humboldt Wedag

Bhim Singh

Site Supervisor :Palwal

Ankush Bhati has been associated with the organization since its inception. A conservationist at heart, he has been involved with several Pond restoration and Afforestation projects.

Ankush Bhati

Head :Logistics

Amit Bhati is a senior member of the organization who has been extensively associated with the field implementation of projects. He is skilled in the restoration of ponds and has successfully executed many related projects. Adaptable and creative, he is well-known for his knowledge and problem-solving abilities. As a site supervisor, he is looking after the field execution of multiple projects along with providing support for community mobilization and engagement.

Amit Bhati

Supervisor :Project Sites